Orenda 10 day cleanse

Hello, friends!

Over the next week or so, I will be writing about my experience with the 10 day orenda cleanse. You can find more about the cleanse and the company that makes the supplementsĀ here! This will be the first time I’ve ever done a cleanse of this type. The reason I am doing a cleanse is because I’ve been spiraling into some pretty unhealthy eating habits over the last few months. This happens to me every year during the winter and whenever I’m stressed. The goal is to help kickstart some healthy eating habits and hopefully drop a few pounds while doing that. I am hoping to couple this cleanse with going to the gym everyday for some cardio.

The basic rules of the cleanse/diet are pretty simple. Organic fruits and veggies are mostly ok, and three times a day I have to take supplements as instructed. My friend (and boss!) who introduced me to this cleanse was a trooper and gave up coffee too, but I am definitely not as strong as she is…I am just going to try to limit myself to 1 cup a day!

Today was day one. Not so bad! Lots of broccoli in my system right now, but it was delicious! I am heading out to the gym soon, but I’m feeling a little tired and low energy, so I think I will go easy and just run a little bit and maybe bike the rest of the time. I’ll be back with more tomorrow!