Challah Braided Bread (and variations…)

When my sisters and I were kids, my mom used to make us this delicious braided bread during our final exams. She’d put different fillings in each strand of the braid for each of us. It was so wonderful to sit at the dinner table and smell fresh bread baking in the bread machine while studying. Everything was wonderful except for the actual studying part, of course. Anyway, a few weeks back I went on a bread-making kick (read: I decided I need to start studying for the GRE, which of course meant I needed a new obsession). These are just some of my Challah-related creations, including one that is braided with different fillings in each strand.

Here is a three strand, simple braided bread:


With filling, of course – Danish cheese and delicious berry jam that my sister made.


I was super happy with how gloriously easy it is to make impressive looking bread by braiding it. Way easier than getting my hair to stay in a simple three strand braid. Which of course prompted me to immediately make another loaf of bread, this time with four strands.


Of course, I make the dough before checking to see what fillings I’d be able to muster up without venturing out into the cold outdoors (yay, Chicago!). After surveying the deepest darkest corners of both my cupboards and my fridge, I decide to just keep it simple… no fillings! Which then prompted french bread for breakfast the next morning…


Pictured here with thick cut bacon. Just because.

Here is the basic recipe I used to make the Challah.

Happy baking!


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