Pull-Apart Garlic Paprika Bread (Garlic Bubble Loaf)

Hello all!

First, a picture of Kenneth officially adding Strawberry Nutella Macarons to his list of strawberry treats that he loves!


It is rainy, cold, humid, and gloomy today in Evanston — perfect baking weather! Today, I decided to go with something salty.

I used and adapted this recipe from My Kitchen Addiction. These are the adjustments that I made: I upped the amount of garlic powder(I LOVE GARLIC!), included fresh garlic (did I mention, I LOVE GARLIC), added some sesame oil, and used black sesame instead of white sesame. Basically I wanted more garlic flavor and only had black sesame…

Anyway, here are the pictures:


This is a mixture of melted butter, a few drops of sesame oil, paprika, and garlic powder.


I did not make any adjustments to the dough, so please refer to the recipe I mentioned above if you are interested in making this! They’re so cute!


Here’s the picture of the finished product, pre-sesame, and pre-baking!


The pan I used was a little bit too small, which made the bread a little “bubblier” than anticipated.


and it seems the oven temp could have been brought down a little bit… the top was a little more browned than I would’ve liked.


The bread pulls apart easily, and is nice and buttery. omnomnom!

Overall, I’d say it turned out well. And even if it doesn’t look amazing, it tastes and smells great! I have to say the texture of the bread itself reminds me of the breads that you get in Taiwan. It is a bit fluffier and softer than bread that is purchased here. I think I might try to make a sweet version of this someday. My mother used to make this delicious braided bread with cream cheese filling right around midterms and finals time, and I’ve always wanted to try and recreate that.  After all, I do still have two packets of yeast waiting to be used!
Until next time, friends! ❤


One thought on “Pull-Apart Garlic Paprika Bread (Garlic Bubble Loaf)

  1. Yum! Looks really good.

    I would like to request pioneer woman’s cinnamon roll next. Her recipe is pretty similar to the one you used and she has some pretty detailed tutorials with recipe variations you can try.

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