Strawberry Nutella Macarons

As promised, I am back with my latest attempt at the macarons!

I must say that macarons are one of the more difficult treats that I’ve made, but once I got the hang of recognizing stiff peaks, and knowing when to stop folding (or the macaronage step… as the experts call it), I have come to realize that they are also one of the most versatile treats!  As the name of this blog suggests, Kenneth (my fiancé) is the (lucky) man who gets to eat everything I make, and it just so happens that one of his favorite fruits is the strawberry. He loves strawberry everything — strawberry yanyans, strawberry pocky, strawberry scones… the list goes on. Today, I’m hoping he’ll add Strawberry Nutella Macarons to the list!


The recipe I used for the cookie part is adapted from the basic french meringue recipe from this book: 

Les Petits Macarons: Colorful French Confections to Make at Home

The recipe is as follows:

85g almond flour
85g confectioner’s sugar
75g granulated sugar
60g aged egg whites
3-9 drops food coloring (9 drops of red food coloring in this particular batch)
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
pinch of salt

It is particularly helpful to have all of the required accessible and measured out prior to making this recipe!

Mix together the almond flour and confectioner’s sugar (or pulse the two ingredients in a food processor for about 10 seconds). Sift. Twice.

In the bowl of a electric mixer, whisk the egg whites until bubbly, then add the sugar, cream of tartar, and salt. Whisk on medium high until stiff peaks form.

Quickly whisk in the sifted dry ingredients. Be careful not to over or under mix the meringue!

Pipe into 11/2 inch rounds on parchment paper(or a silicone baking mat, if available). Bang the baking sheets on the counter top (as hard as you can!) at least five times. This will get the bubbles in the macarons to come to the surface! Leave the unbaked macarons out to rest for about 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the humidity in your kitchen!), or until the shell of the macaron is dry to the touch.

Bake at 250F for 12 minutes.

et voilá! 

For the filling…
I tried to make a greek yogurt nutella filling, but the yogurt I had on hand was not quite thick enough, and resulted in a runny consistency — not ideal for macarons. But all is not lost! We will be using this as a dip for fruit, or perhaps as a topping for ice cream instead!


I ended up just spooning nutella directly onto the macarons and topped them off with slices of strawberry that had been tossed in some honey and lime juice.


Overall, the macarons turned out well! After a lot of trial and error (mostly error), I have come to figure out what makes the best macarons in this particular kitchen. This is the recipe that works for me! If you search the inter-webs for macarons recipes, you’ll see that these are highly finicky little creatures… so be patient!

On that note, I bid you a happy Monday. Let me know what you think! 






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